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Traverse limitless skies filled with wonders. Dive deep into advanced machinery and harness electricity to transform your island. Encounter unique beings, from the graceful winged dolphin to the mysterious Nebulorca. Embrace innovative gameplay twists, and when the urge to explore takes over, either soar on the back of mythical creatures or navigate the skies in your own handcrafted vessels. Your journey begins here.


Explore a comprehensive feature set designed to enhance your gaming experience!


Dive into a world filled with advanced Machines like Block Breakers, Solar Panels, and Oil Processors. Interact with Blocks such as Rubber Logs and Reinforced Copper.


Embark on adventures with unique Vehicles like the Hot Air Balloon and various Prop Planes.


Encounter diverse Mobs, from the ethereal Winged Dolphin to the elusive Sky Guardian.


Collect a variety of items, including the coveted Legendary Goodie Bag and Rubber Buckets.


Traverse through captivating Structures, from the mysterious Sky Temple to the bustling Village Island.


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