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Voxel Blocks

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Every finds your materials stacking up to unreasonable amounts?

Chest space becoming a rare commodity?

Well, we're happy to introduce "Voxel Blocks" an addon introducing fifty (50) new compressed block variants with unique original textures by our team's artist NoMoreBrine.


All compressed blocks follow the sample recipe

Full List Includes

Compressed Blocks Compressed Acacia Compressed Ancient Debris Compressed Andesite Compressed Bamboo Compressed Basalt Compressed Blackstone Compressed Blackstone Gilded Compressed Clay Compressed Coal Block Compressed Cobblestone Compressed Crimson Nylium Compressed Crimson Stem Compressed Diamond Block Compressed Diorite Compressed Dirt Compressed Emerald Block Compressed Glowstone Compressed Gold Block Compressed Granite Compressed Grass Compressed Gravel Compressed Honey Compressed Ice Compressed Iron Block Compressed Jungle Compressed Lapis Block Compressed Lava Compressed Leaves Compressed Magma Compressed Melon Compressed Mushroom Brown Compressed Mushroom Red Compressed Mycelium Compressed Netherite Block Compressed Netherrack Compressed Oak Compressed Oak Dark Compressed Podzol Compressed Prismarine Compressed Pumpkin Compressed Redstone Block Compressed Reeds Compressed Sand Compressed Sandstone Compressed Shroomlight Compressed Soul Sand Compressed Soul Soil Compressed Sponge Compressed Spruce Compressed Stone Compressed Terracotta Compressed Warped Nylium Compressed Warped Stem Compressed Water Compressed Wool


v1. Published

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