Sweeping Edge!

This Addon bring Java's Sweeping Edge to Minecraft Bedrock!

This Addon Uses player.json and uses Holiday Features

Their are 4 speeds for the recharge.

Long, Medium, Short, Extremely Short

The Higher Damage the Swords do the longer the recharge.

This Addon is also very friendly for other Addon's that add Custom Tools into the game.

This Addon is not exactly like Java's Combat Update it only adds the Sweeping Edge function.

Note: The player can't do damage until recharge is done


For Devs/Mod Pack Makers:

Just give the Custom Tool one of the following item tags and this addon will do the rest;

"tag:lab:long_tool_charge":{}, "tag:lab:medium_tool_charge":{}, "tag:lab:short_tool_charge":{}

All items by default have Extremely Short recharge

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