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Updated: May 11, 2022

Hardcore with a twist. You can get more lives?

D.H.C is a unique take on the hardcore mode adding Heart Jars & Revive Jars that allow players to accumulate extra lives by looting dungeons hidden around the Minecraft world, Driving players towards an adventurous quest in search of immortality.

This add-on contains altered vanilla mechanics and four(4) new special items, allowing for new and unique experiences for all kinds of players.



This addon does not require experimental features enabled!


  • Players can no longer break blocks with their fists

  • Players can no longer damage entities without a weapon or tool

  • Players will now be death locked when they run out of lives

  • Players now have their inventory locked

  • Death spectator mode

  • Four new items

  • Thirst

Crude Flint:

  • This item is given to a player once as they spawn for the first time. It can be used to break blocks.


  • When used this item unlocks a slot in the player's inventory


  • When used this item grants the player an additional life

Revive Jar:

  • When used this item revives all dead players above the user

Water Bottle:

  • Drinking the vanilla water bottle will restore 50 thirst points

All new items can be found in the various chests spawned around your world. Additionally, they can be purchased from the wandering trader.

Feel free to join the discord and make suggestions or contribute to future updates


- Download and install like any other addon - You don't need any experimental features or education edition enabled

- You do need to enable cheats temporarily for this addon to work properly.

After first loading your world with the addon installed you can re-disable cheats.

Complementary addon pack

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