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Don's Mobs+

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Have you ever felt like the vanilla horses are a bit lacking? Frustrated by their inability to swim, unsatisfied with the lack of rare breeds, or limited selection of mounts in general? Perhaps you simply desire new mobs to fight & tame, well if so this addon is for you!



Formally known as Don's Better Horses & Better Mounts

This addon does NOT require experimental features enabled!

V 1.2.0

This addon adds

  • 100+ Vanilla Horse variants

  • 10+ Vanilla Donkey & Mule variants

  • 12 types of Deer with a variety of variants

  • 4 Wild Cats with a variety of variants

  • Ent Monsters with a variety of variants

  • Hag Witches with a variety of variants

  • Mushi mob with a variety of variants

  • Seagull

  • 2 New Bears

  • 8 New types of fish

  • Rare & Mythic variant types

Horse Variants

Deer Variants

Wild Cat Variants

Bear Variants

Ent Variants

Mushi Variants

Hag Variants


Fish Variants



Horse Candy

Used to interact with any tamed horse and roll a random rare mutation


Dyeable Saddles

Dye your saddles by interacting with a tamed horse using any color of dye!


Legacy Downloads (No longer supported)

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Can you add new hybrid horses like we have mule(horse + donkey) can you add others like Zorse(zebra + horse),Zonkey(Zebra + Donkey) etc. Same with bears.

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