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Don's Better Mounts!

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Have you ever felt like the vanilla horses are a bit lacking? Frustrated by their inability to swim, or perhaps unsatisfied with the lack of rare breeds? Well if so this addon is for you!

Ad-Free Download On Github v.1.1.0

Download .MCPACK v.1.1.0

Download .ZIP v.1.1.0



Formally known as Don's Better Horses

This addon does NOT require experimental features enabled!

V 1.1.0

This addon adds

- Over 100 horse variants

- New Donkey & Mule variants

- Zebras & Camels

- 12 Deer Variants

- 4 Wild Cat Variants

- Rare & Mythic variant types with special abilities!

- Dyable saddles & equipable chests

- Swimmable/flyable/sittable mounts

- Full navigation & AI overhaul

- Craftable saddles & horse candy

- Creative commands to select rare horses

Horse Variants

Donkey & Mule Variants

Camels & Zebras

Rare Horses

Mythic & Ultra Mythic Horses

Animated Horse!

Deer Variants

Deer can be tamed & healed with sweet berries




Wild Cats


Horse Candy

Used to interact with any tamed horse and roll a random rare mutation


Dyeable Saddles

Dye your saddles by interacting with a tamed horse using any color of dye!


Community Vote

Additional features are suggested and voted upon by members of the Voxel Lab Discord Server, be sure to check it out to take part in future features!


Ad-Free Download On Github v.1.1.0

Download .MCPACK v.1.1.0

Download .ZIP v.1.1.0

Legacy Downloads (No longer supported)

Download .MCPACK v.1.0.0

Download .ZIP v.1.0.0


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