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[Detection]: Halloween Horrors || Created by CaliFerr

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Using only the security cameras scattered around the location, detect and survive the mysterious anomalies that occur in the facility.



Survive the facility by reporting the horrifying anomalies. Be careful not to miss any, or you risk failing your shift.


  • Object Manipulated: Reports objects that have been moved, tampered, activated, changed, and possessed

  • Extra Object: Reports any object that does not belong in its room

  • Intruder: Reports Intruders and Footprints

  • Camera Error: Reports Camera errors

  • Spiritual Anomaly: Reports any spiritual abnormalities Key Notes

  • The rate of anomalies will double after some time

  • This map has jump scares and flashing lights, discretion is advised

  • Please do not take claim anything from this map as your own

This is a very very very early version of the game and is intended as my submission for the MCPEDL after-midnight event. (There may be bugs)

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